What data we collect:

AdDrive collects data on our Publishers and Advertisers registration pages to aid us in evaluating potential network publishers and advertisers. Data collected includes all of the fields listed on the respective pages for Publishers and Advertisers. Click here for Publisher sign-up page. Click here for Advertiser sign-up page. This data once collected in stored in the AdDrive's Publisher/Advertiser database which is maintained on our premises in Columbia, South Carolina. Backup copies of this database are also stored on secure servers in remote locations to insure against data loss in the event of a catastrophe.

How we use this information:

The data that AdDrive collects is used to evaluate potential Publishers and Advertisers who have submitted applications for inclusion in the AdDrive Advertising Network. Upon approval, such data may be used for normal business communication and correspondence. If the applicant is not approved, no further use is made of the data.

With whom do we share information:

We will share this data only with those employees of AdDrive whose duties require that they be given access to the data. Additionally, AdDrive may allow our attorneys, accountants, auditors, and other professional service providers access to the data where access to the data is necessary for the proper performance of their duties. In all of these instances the service providers have signed documents indicating their promise to hold this information confidential. Your data will not be sold to any third party.

Opt-Out Policy:

Any Publisher or Advertiser may opt-out of participation in the AdDrive network pursuant to their respective terms and conditions at any time. Opting out of the network has no effect on any other contractual obligations between the party and AdDrive.


The AdDrive Network uses cookies on users computers to track the performance of advertising campaigns. The only purpose of cookies is to enable the tracking of clicks, leads, etc to provide for accurate accounting of advertising campaigns.

Privacy Policy of Advertisers and Publishers:

AdDrive is not responsible for the privacy policies of our network advertisers and publishers. Consumers should contact the individual publisher of advertiser if they have questions regarding that entities policies and practices.

Links to other sites:

AdDrive provides advertising links to many websites. AdDrive is only responsible for the content of the advertisements delivered through our system. AdDrive accepts no responsibility for the content of those websites outside of their network advertising campaigns.


Please direct any questions you have regarding this policy in writing to us using our contact page.