Explore Hand Lettering and Generative Design


I would like to use hand lettering as the cornerstone for this thesis idea. Improving my skills and knowledge of this artform is one aspect of the project, but experimenting with analog and digital outputs, embracing the random(?), and thinking in terms of user participation are experiments that can lead to exciting results. (Is this flat? What happens in 3D space? Does this move? Does this read minds?)

My initial thought on content was words with rhythm such as poetry or music, but if I created a device that reads minds then the content would be user generated. Even if I didn’t create a mind-reading device, establishing a set of conditions or a framework for users to generate the results is a possibility. I would need to put more thought into the conditions.

This idea could take the form of a “jam session” as well. I establish the framework for myself and others, then develop a hand lettered piece as the starting point to get interpreted or used during a set amount of time.

I have worked with hand lettering while at MICA but my interest extends back to my time working in the signage industry and even further back to hand lettering names of classmates to earn quarters for ice cream. This was a summer project idea that I have come to believe could be a thesis direction as well.


If this becomes an interactive framework, the user would need an interface and tools to create. This could lead to series of on-demand printed posters or a online database of creations. If this becomes a personal exploration, I would explore print outputs, digital outputs, and 3D outputs.


Users who love the intersection between analog and digital.