About Us

About Katie

Katie was born and raised in the upstate of South Carolina. She grew up with two older brothers, Cliff and Michael. In high school, Katie was in the marching band, where she played the snare drum and quads. She also played softball during her sophomore through senior years of high school, where her mother was the coach. Katie grew up attending Antioch Baptist Church, where her dad was the pastor. She always knew that this would be the place where she would get married one day, and her dream has come true.

In 2004, Katie moved to Columbia to attend the University of South Carolina and study French, in hopes of becoming a high school French teacher. You could find her at every Gamecock home football game in the fall and enjoying Gamecock baseball in the spring. In 2007, Katie studied abroad in Tours, France. This adventure taught Katie so much and really guided her to decide where her career was headed. Believe it or not, it is while she was in France that she made the decision to apply to graduate school and study special education. In Spring 2008, Katie graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in French and began graduate school at USC during the fall of that same year. She realized that God had been calling her to the field of special education for so long. Today, Katie teaches high school students with moderate/severe cognitive disabilities. She loves every minute of it and can't wait to see what God has in store for her career and her life with Nate.

About Nate

Nate was raised by his hard-working parents in Chesterfield, South Carolina. He has an older sister, Michelle. Growing up in a small town, it was important to find something creative to occupy time. For Nate that usually involved drawing. Whether it was coming up with the next great superhero or sketching his dream home, Nate's imagination was vast. Chesterfield County also had an art program that lasted for five weeks during the summer. Students could start in third grade and continue until they graduated, which is exactly what Nate did.

After high school, Nate took a short trip to Hartsville where he pursued a degree in graphic design at Coker College. While in college, Nate spent time in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Holland as part of a summer study tour. This was an amazing experience and he hopes to return to Europe with Katie in the near future. Nate moved to Columbia for a design job a year after graduating from Coker, and still works with the same company to this day. His love for art and design has pushed him throughout his career. He never grew out of his imagination which has lead to a collection of random sketches and notes that probably look worthless to the untrained eye. Nate is also a big supporter of Katie's career and loves hearing about her students. He is excited about God's plan for their life together and knows it will exceed anything he could ever imagine.

Our Story

How It All Started

Katie met 3 girls in graduate school, who were all studying severe/profound disabilities and worked at the same company that she did. The 4 of them became known as the SpEdsters and began friendships that would last a lifetime. Caroline was a member of this elite group of SpEdsters and kept telling Katie about this cute guy that she went to Coker College with and how he was living in Columbia. Caroline would secretly invite the both of them to dinner at her house. Katie thought he was extremely cute and wanted to get his number. One night, the SpEdsters went downtown and met a group of other friends, including Nate. Long story, short, Katie stole Nate's cell phone and called her phone to "get his number." (A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do? Right?) From that night on, Katie and Nate began texting one another and agreed to go out for dinner. Their first date was going to dinner at California Dreaming. It was history from there…

Over the first year of dating, Katie began having serious health problems. She was sent to a number of specialists to find an answer to her chronic Vertigo. She underwent surgery in December 2010, 7 months into dating, to remove a tumor behind her right ear. Because this surgery relieved none of her problems, she continued to seek medical help. In May 2011, 1 year into dating, Katie found out that she could possibly have thyroid cancer. In June 2011, she had half of her thyroid removed and found out that it was, indeed, thyroid cancer. The moment that Katie began to realize that Nate was "the one" was after this surgery. The procedure and recovery did not go as planned and took longer than predicted. Nate was there from beginning to end. She knew that her parents would be there, but when she woke up and saw him, she knew that she did not want to do life with anyone but him. Nate stayed by her side through a second surgery and radioactive-iodine treatments. God puts certain people in our lives, at the right time, for purposes we may not immediately understand. No matter what life decides to throw our way, we will be able to get through it together and with strong faith in God.

The Proposal Story

Katie and Nate began a weight loss journey in the summer of 2012. Their favorite place to go for treats was Cupcake in the Vista. Fast forward to December 2012... Nate came over to Katie's house for dinner, with a white box in his hand. On any other day, he would walk straight to the couch and relax. December 7, 2012 was a little different. He walked straight into the kitchen and was being quiet. Katie was ready to eat dinner and was being impatient (and curious). Nate finally came into the living room (looking nervous), and Katie started talking about where to go for dinner. Nate asked Katie if she'd seen what he took into the kitchen. Katie, still thinking about dinner, says no and walks into the kitchen. She sees a white box from Cupcake. Katie opens the box and there are 3 cupcakes, and in the place of the 4th cupcake was the ring box, opened, and displaying the most beautiful ring ever. Nate came around the corner with tears in his eyes. He talked about how we've been through so much together over the past 2 years and how he wanted to be with Katie forever. Nate took the ring box out of Katie's hand and got down on one knee, asking her to marry him. With both of us nervous and shaking, Katie said, "Yes!"

Bridal Party

Maid of Honor

Caroline L.

Caroline and Katie met in graduate school. Caroline is the one who introduced Katie and Nate and planned dinners for the two of them to meet. She is 1 of 4 members of the SpEdsters. Katie didn't think twice when she needed to pick a maid of honor.

Best Man

Mitchel G.

Mitchel is not only Nate's best man but he is also his dad. Mitchel has dealt with health problems over recent years that has brought the family closer together. After undergoing back surgery, he is doing much better and Nate is glad to have him in such an important role.


Katie M.

Katie M. and Katie C. met in kindergarten, circa 1990. They went to primary, middle, and high school together. They were both in the marching band in high school. Katie M. and Katie C. went to USC together in 2004. They lived in the same dorm and apartments for 4 ½ years. They will be sharing Katie C's wedding together in March and Katie M's in May.

Morgan H.

Morgan and Katie met in graduate school at USC. Morgan is another member of the SpEdsters and has been there through Nate and Katie's entire budding relationship. Katie and Nate met, face to face, at Morgan's house on New Year's Eve 2009/2010.

Michelle F.

Michelle is Nate's older sister. Katie loved the idea of having Nate's sister in the wedding to share the special day. Katie has never had a sister before and looks forward to Michelle being her sister-in-law.

Michelle T.

Michelle and Katie are 1st cousins. Since Katie never had any sisters growing up, Katie loved going to Rock Hill to spend time with Michelle and Katherine (wedding planner). Michelle and Katie were born exactly 1 month and 2 days apart. Katie was a bridesmaid in Michelle's wedding and loved the chance to ask Michelle to be in her wedding.

Jennifer H.

Jenny and Katie met in graduate school. Jenny is another member of the elite group of SpEdsters. Jenny has been with Katie and Nate throughout their entire relationship, as well.


Bruce D.

Bruce and Nate were roommates for most of their time at Coker College and they have been buds ever since. Bruce has a laid back personality and appreciation for sarcasm that is common in Nate's circle of friends. Nate participated in Bruce's wedding many years and two kids ago, and is glad to have him as a groomsmen.

Roger M.

Hodge Podge went to Chesterfield High School but Nate really got to know him at Coker. These two were roommates for a couple of years in college which included a multitude of events that has since made Roger a legend. Nate was part of Roger's wedding and is looking forward to seeing T-Rodge cut a rug at the reception.

Cliff C.

Cliff is the oldest brother of Katie. Nate was a big fan of having him in the wedding, knowing how close she is to both of her brothers. Cliff has a great sense of humor and will fit in well with Nate's friends and family.

Michael C.

Michael is the middle child of the Craig crew and he has been one of Katie's roommates for several years. Nate is happy to have him as part of his crew for the wedding. Michael works long hours and has earned his status as a sleep aficionado.

Aaron F.

Aaron is Nate's nephew. He brings a lot of energy to any event and Nate was excited to find out that Aaron was pumped about being in the wedding.

Flower Girls

Emmy C., Mckenna C., Sophia C., & Addison F.

Choosing one flower girl isn't possible when you have four precious nieces. Emmy, Mckenna, and Sophia are the daughters of Katie's oldest brother, Cliff. Addison is the daughter of Nate's sister, Michelle.

Wedding Day

The Ceremony

Antioch Baptist Church

839 Antioch Road
Blacksburg, SC 29702

Directions From:
Chesterfield | Columbia | Charlotte

The Reception

Iron City Place

101 South John Street
Blacksburg, SC 29702

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