"Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life
believing that it is stupid."


Here at The Hive, we believe that everyone has a role to play. Our highly specialized team can tackle any problem because we're each focused on what we do best. Why send a copywriter to do an illustrator's job? We create innovative, beautiful design work because we empower each person to own their role and their role alone.

We at The Hive believe in the value of distinct disciplines. The best work comes from people who have spent hours focused on a single task, becoming great at one thing instead of mediocre at many. Different people have different purposes on this great planet, cogs in a collaborative system rather than tiny, isolated machines. Whatever your project, The Hive has the perfect team to meet your unique needs.

Long live the Hive!


We're available on a specialized basis,
but we shine when we can nurture projects from conception to release.

Our specialities include:

Project Management
Research & Definition
Information Architecture & Wireframing
Visual Definition
Visual Production
Art Direction
Front-end Development
Back-end Development


We follow a structured process in order to get consistently amazing results.


"The Structure"
Kirby Matherne eats spreadsheets for breakfast. He's a people person with huge organizational muscles, cracking the whip to keep everyone in the know and on time. He can be pretty intense, but everyone needs a man like him to keep things running. If only the government would hire Kirby to manage air traffic, we'd never have to spend another night on that hard bench at Dulles International.

"The Plan"
Jackie Littman can find your embarrassing pictures online in five minutes flat. Big-brained and not afraid to show it, she drives the knowledge train here at The Hive. She's a dedicated researcher, uncovering the context, history and precedents for all our projects. Jackie can't tell Helvetica from Comic Sans, but she can tell you when, how, and why each were created.

"The Wordsmith"
Emma Sherwood-Forbes must have kissed the blarney stone because this woman has a way with words. She can craft text for any need, embodying the exact tone her clients want and helping them understand their content through her flawless writing. She's spent so much time writing in character that her true voice has gotten lost, but that's okay. Jackie writes background for her social obligations so she knows who to be.

"The Architect"
If aliens landed on our planet, they'd be able to navigate Nate's wireframes with ease. He uses a unique blend of method acting and personas to go deep, understanding the hidden wants and needs of each project's users and creating the perfect system to serve them. Nate understands that simpler design is often better, but he believes there's a time and a place for a solid multi-step on-boarding process that changes to reflect the user's location, eBay purchase history, and hair color.

"The Artist"
Benjamin Chemelski puts Michelangelo to shame. He is inspired by the world around him, stopping not only to smell the roses but also to pick up the discarded scrap of paper with gorgeous typography. Ben took a bit of getting used to because he can only communicate through pictures, but luckily his preverbal skills are top-notch. Yes, Ben, I feel sailboat too.

"The Combinator"
Lolo Zhang can bake one hell of a design pie. She synergizes the intellectual and visual ingredients she's handed and creates something as stunning as it is functional. She combines the material she's given to the letter, reproducing the different elements in a new, united form. Sure that client was angry when she used the text from an adult novelty store for the kids' toys, but we can only work with what we've got, right?

"The Transformer"
David Lam is much more than the icing on our cake. He has the eyes of a hawk, spotting every flaw, every chance for improvement, every missed opportunity. Dave takes the good and makes it great, pushing both our work and our people to new heights. Unfortunately he doesn't always understand the purpose of the original design, but what he makes does have beauty and function in its own way.

"The Machine"
Nour Tabet dreams in code. You'll find her staring intently at the screen with a sunset ablaze behind her, focused on the only thing she really cares for. She can architect a cloud-hosted backend worthy of government data or develop agile waterfalls of responsive SEO-ready HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. She laughs in the face of Internet Explorer 6 and can spot a missing semi-colon from across the room.


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