Pee Dee Arts


I worked with the founder of Pee Dee Arts to create the organization's brand, as well as design and develop their website. Pee Dee Arts serves artists and galleries within eight counties of South Carolina and the brand needed to reflect the region.

Having grown up in the area I knew about the prevalence of pine trees so I started by looking at pine cones and their symbolism. My research lead me to phrases such as "Third Eye" and "Epicenter of Enlightenment" as references to the pine-cone-shaped pineal gland which is part of the human brain. I also discovered it's use as a symbol for eternal life in some ancient cultures as well as fertility.

The cone worked well by having eight individual shapes locked in a repeating pattern – representing the eight counties radiating out – and the symbolic references to rhythm and light worked well for it's target audience. I also wanted the cone to appear opened as if the seeds have already been released, yet another symbol for what this organization wanted to accomplish by disseminating information to the community.

The website was meant to be the main communication platform for the organization. It provides information about upcoming events to patrons and opportunities for artists. The site was built to import information from a content management system the organization preferred to use.