Interior Space


While living in an apartment, I observed how as the day progressed the colors within the space would change. The walls of the apartment were painted eggshell white, but the sun illuminated the space and bounced light throughout the room. Because of this, vibrant colors became more prevalent. In my paintings, I decided to look beyond the actual color of the objects, focusing instead on how the light source created a vibrance that altered the mood of the space. 

During this time, I also noticed how the light source contributed not just to color but also to composition. As the sun would shine through the windows, strong rectangular shapes would interact with the objects in the space. This observation contributed to my decision to break the space into geometric forms and eventually explore non-representational environments.


Despite moving, I maintained an interest in the ability of light to establish a compositional presence in different spaces, while developing a greater interest in the impact of particular color schemes on mood.  This led to the creation of several more paintings based on my next place of residence.

Entrance | Oil on Canvas, 30"x36"

Bed | Oil on Canvas, 30"x36"

Island | Oil on Canvas, 36"x30"

Guardian | Oil on Canvas, 30"x48"